Following the invitation by Dr. Kongjian Yu, one of the best landscape architects in China and principal of the firm Turenscape, as well as director of the school of architecture and landscape design at the Beijing University; MAEB faculty, students and team have developed a project for 5 innovative houses for the Wangshan Academy Project, built around 2 reservoirs, were 80 prospective houses are to be built  by international architects.The 5 projects for 5 houses have been developed by MAEB Faculty Ali Basbous (BAD., Beirut), Vicente Guallart and Honorata Grzesikowska (Guallart Architects, Barcelona) Daniel Ibañez (Margen Lab, Boston), Guillermo Olarte y Elena Sevillano (Suma, Madrid), and the MAEB Valldaura Lab team and students under the direction of Marziah Zad, and with the collaborative expertise of David López, Marta Domenech , Mariana Palumbo of MAP13 Barcelona as well as MAEB students Pablo Corroto, Elisabet Fabregas, Lang Qiao , Heran Zu and Luciano Polli. After revisions by the organizers, some adjustments will be done in the design and construction could start as early as this year 2019.