Eight people in class, eight different cities from seven different countries. Is there any way to know better each other than getting deep into our origin and trying to share with the rest our experiences and knowledge about the city where we grew up??

5 different streets from Madrid with different activities and character have been selected in order to analyze and understand how the common space works in this city. Starting from the widest city in the capital, edge of the city and space for the art and culture, Paseo del Prado, getting into residential and typical Madrid streets, and finishing with one the narrowest streets located in the old town, reflection of a generation, Calle de Cava Baja.



MADRID : SHARING CITIES is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at MaCT (Master in City & Technology),
2017-18 by:
Students: Irene Rodríguez Vara
Faculty: Vicente Guallart, Marta Milà