Master in City & Technology 2019/20 – Term I
Seminar Name: Future Mobility II – The role of planners and the interpretation of mobility layer in the city
Total Hours: 15 hours
Faculty: Giuseppe Vallelonga & Gaia Sgaramella from Mobility in Chain

Credits: MIC


This short seminar investigates the close relationship and fields of opportunities between mobility at large and urban planning specifically.
The focus will be placed on different tools, multi-scale methods as well as cultural theories that allow for a more differentiated approach to meet the needs of current and future mobility.
The aspects of the planning process that should be highlighted in order to clarify why a broader Mobility Vision is important are: the relationship between Wide vs Local approach and the role of mobility in the urban environment.
In the frame of the multidisciplinary team, master planners generally lead the interface with all relevant stakeholders. Introducing the added value of a multidisciplinary approach and vision in mobility and planning, the seminar will focus the attention on the relationship between the planner and the group of stakeholders that has to face.

Credits: MIC

In particular, students will be facing the challenging task of exploring the mobility preliminary implications of an urban area, that will be described during the seminar.
The selected urban area will allow the students, thanks to its variety of scales, identities and dynamics coexisting in the same ecosystem, to choose the analytic tools and the communication mode that would best suit their skills and learning goals, while promoting the rise of a structured and critical approach to mobility planning.


Giuseppe Vallelonga is graduated in Architecture at Milan Polytechnic in 2008 and began his career with Systematica in the same year. He joined Mobility in Chain in 2009. He has been involved as transport planner in numerous major urban planning projects worldwide. He collaborated with firms such as Foster + Partners, OMA, Zaha Hadid Architects, Stefano Boeri Architects, and other renowned international design offices on several important projects. He is an expert in urban and transport planning, urban design and parking strategy. Senior Project Manager on a wide range of transport-planning projects, involving transport-feasibility studies, traffic-impact studies, parking-policy studies, public-transport studies and urban-regeneration programs. Giuseppe has managed several transport-feasibili¬ty studies for urban areas, masterplan, complex buildings, important exhibition fairs and hospitals. He has been the project manager on several projects around the world, such as the transport consultancy for a new foundation city in Egypt (Sahl Hasheesh – 2008), transport consultancy for a new foundation city in Russia (Macha?kala – 2009), transport consultancy and design for Milano Santa Giulia masterplan (Milan- 2012-2015), transport consultancy for the regeneration of the Old Airport Area in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Jeddah – 2016), and several urban-regeneration masterplans (Milan, Tripoli, Jeddah, Monterrey,etc). He has been also lecturing about Mobility and Urban Design in IED (European Institute of Design), Domus Academy and Politecnico of Milan.

Gaia Sgaramella is a PhD in the specific field of Architecture, Landscape and Planning and a distinguished scholar at CUNY, affiliated professional at City College of New York at Bernard & Anne Spitzer School of Architecture. Her professional experience started in 2014 as a researcher at University of Trento, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, where she was involved in a lot of project such as: Design of devices for Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A., Dem Automation Home S2 Double Safety and many conferences and exhibitions. She has been also lecturing about technology applied to transportation experience in IED (European Institute of Design) and she is author of several papers about sustainable mobility and infrastructure design, topics also driver for MIC’s work. At MIC, she is working as a transport planning consultant on several international projects, gaining experience especially at the masterplan and urban scale. She has been consulting some of the most renowned architectural firms such as Allies & Morrison, WATG and Stefano Boeri Architects, having the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects where transport and urban environment are thought of holistically.