Cerda Big Data
Faculty: Vicente Guallart & Marta Milà Pascual

In 1867 Engineer Ildefonso Cerda wrote the General Theory Urbanization, after getting approve in 1859 the Plan of the Eixample in Barcelona.


This theory includes a general part explains the history of the urban development, and proposed how to do it in a rational way . He devoted his life to urbanization because as a social utopist, he had spend a big effort in anaylizing the living conditions of the working class. The second volumen of his theory was includes a series of statistical analyzes of the population and the city of Barcelona of that time.


The aim of this seminar is to use assessment systems and representation of Big Data, in order to display the information Cerda picked in his theory, that included multiple tables referring to the Continent, the Content and the Relationship between the continent and the content of cities. The seminar will also debate current city data to evaluate comparatively the effects of urbanization on population.