Master in City & Technology 2019/20 – Term III
Seminar Name: Blockchain 4 Cities
Total Hours: 20 hours
Faculty: Jose Luis Muñoz Tapia

Credits:Background vector created by freepik —


The course aims to enable students to work a use case that involves cities and blockchain. To achieve that, we will introduce the main aspects of cryptography, security and blockchain technologies in order to be able to apply these concepts to the new urban paradigm that is currently shaping our cities. The course consists in six sessions combining theory and practice. The first sessions will introduce the essential concepts about cryptography and security. Then, the following sessions will introduce students in the technological aspects of blockchain. Finally, students will apply learned concepts to a selected use case. The goal is that the student is capable to design a real-situation project at proof of concept level, where blockchain is involved as a vehicle to solve a city challenge.


Jose Luis Muñoz Tapia is a researcher of the Information Security Group (ISG) and an associate professor of the Department of Network Engineering of the Universitat Politecnica of Catalunya (UPC). He holds a M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering (1999) and a PhD in Security Engineering (2003). He has worked in applied cryptography, network security and game theory models applied to networks and simulators. His research focus has now tuned to distributed ledgers technologies and he is the director of the master program in Blockchain technologies at UPC School.