Machine Learning____Color Detection

This is an exercise that is done to understand the basics of machine learning.

With the help of grasshopper& OWL plugin, an algorithm was made to detect with color is more dominant.

To achieve these 3 pictures different dominant colors were fed through the algorithm to teach tensors the colors.

Then different pictures were used to see if the output is correct.

These are the low-resolution images to teach tensors the RGB color codes.

The RGB values are started and then fed to the algorithm.

These are the final inputs to see if the Machine Learning algorithm is working properly.

As seen in the photos the algorithm is working properly giving us the answer, which color is dominant.

Color Detection is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master In Advanced Architecture 2019/20 by Yi?italp Behram and Faculty: Mateusz Zwierzycki