Nowadays, Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have opened up possibilities to blend the digital with the physical realm. This overlap of information creates custom interfaces and tools, enhancing fabrication processes. 

In the field of clay craftsmanship, digital fabrication allows the making of extremely complex geometries as well as high precision, and therefore replicability of the design. 

Replicability of design.

The purpose of Memento Clay is to equip unskilled and skilled labor s with the tool to be able to carve complex clay geometry through a series of steps designed accordingly.

Snapshots of the making process.

AR 3D holographic instruction is provided with the HoloLens. A pattern highlights the part to be cut and the tools to perform such an operation. The general set of operations is:

  • preparing the stock;
  • rough cut to get the general shape of the object;
  • fine cuts and detailing through appropriate tools;
  • smoothening of the surfaces.

Computer-aided design and manufacturing have brought the potential of complex shapes and the possibility of generating construction information from design information directly.

Memento Clay is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Masters in Advanced Architecture in 2021/2022 by:
Student: Akshay Madapura, Muhammad Taimur Mian, Jeremiah Oonyu, Federico Caldi 
Faculty: Daniel Koshelyuk, Nikol Kirova, Gabriele Lliuda  Jureviciute
Course: Fab AR