Our project is a high-density residential building. First of all, after calculation, the area used for various functions and the energy consumed each year are obtained.

The surface of our house is covered with a tensile membrane structure, which not only can shade the sun, but also provides a good installation location for solar panels.

We mainly install solar panels on three vertical and top surfaces. According to ladybug analysis, it can be known that these three surfaces mainly receive more sunlight, which will be blocked by shadows, resulting in lower efficiency.

Because there will be strong sunshine in summer in the south, many solar panels are installed on this side to shade the sun, while the other side is more transparent to transmit more light.Because the top surface is not flat, there will be many shadows. The actual effective area is only 110 square meters.

M04 Metabolic Structures ?Energy is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Masters in Advanced Ecological Buildings in 2019/2020 by:

Students: Yue Zhang , Zhi qian Liu

Faculty: Oscar Aceves