M02 // Thermodynamics – Educational Facility and Market

The project is an educational facility as well as a market for people of different age groups and interests. A thermodynamic study has been carried out to optimise the design.

Climate Analysis:

To begin with we did analysed the climate conditions of Barcelona using the software Climate Consultant

Following is the comparison of Barcelona during Winter and Summer

Based on the study, we decided to optimise our design for the chilly winters of Barcelona

Listing and Ranking:

Depending on our findings we assessed our challenges and came up with a list of priorities to tackle our design


The massing was developed as multiple steps based on the listing and ranking

Understanding the Massing:

The angle used in the massing is derived from the angle of the sun during the winter season

Performance Study:

The analysis diagrams on the right show the sun path and wind direction for both winter and summer season. The sections explain how the design responds to these climatic conditions in both the seasons

Sources and Sinks:

Sections demonstrating the heating and cooling in winter and summer respectively with the presence of sources and sinks

Look and Feel:

An idea of the textures and materiality of the spaces to understand the look and feel of the entire design


M02 : Thermodynamics is a module of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Developed at the Masters in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MAEBB) in 2019-2020 by students: Dania Aburouss & Maitri Joy Uka

Faculty: Javier Garcia German