IMG_6793 The thought stems from the fact that wind although constant may not be strong enough to generate the required electricity and meet the demand required at all times. Also additional energy generated on otherwise windy days would be wasted if not stored. Furthermore the energy demand would also vary depending on season’s time of the day and other factors.The idea being to store air using air. Thus the idea is to store the energy that is generated. This could be of great use in Valldaura in order to light the dense regions in the forest area. LUNGS                    LUNGS               LUNGS Functions Fanset 1 :The blades are designed to move with greater force than speed and the bearing helps reduce the friction between the various components. Since the direction of the wind is unknow vertical blades are designed. Gears : The smaller gear spins along with the central axis that helps change the horizontal motion to vertical which then allows the larger gear to create the pumping action. Containers: The expandable container stores the air in an airtight space. The fixed container helps in compress the air stored so that it is released with sufficient pressure. LUNGS                                                      LUNGS Terminus: The funnel helps create a venturi e ffect that allows focussed air to spin the fan. A horizontal fan is chosen as the direction of the wind can be predicted in this scenario. Energy Production Systems In this system energy is produced by two mechanisms from wind energy to mechanical energy creating the pumping action and from mechanical energy that spins the dynamo to electrical energy. LUNGS                                                     LUNGS Future Possibilities Due to the simple mechanism this prototype could be used for various purposes and could be developed easily. Also due to the use of common materials this prototype is adaptable to almost any location with sufficient wind. LUNGS             LUNGS LUNGS          LUNGS Integration The prototype was initiated not only to sustain and solve the problems of today but also to be sustainable in terms of growing and advancing to meet the needs and demands in coming years. Social Integration-The main integration would be its easy to understand mechanism with objects we identify so it is easy to replicate by anyone. Environmental Integration-The integration would extend beyond this level by helping reduce the emission of CO2 by  creating alternative source of energy.Avoiding the use of battery to store energy would result in less toxic waste being produced.Economic Integration-The off grid use of energy would prove to be beneficial not only in terms of smaller financial benefits but would result in eventual economic benefits due to the above. Process LUNGS LUNGS LUNGSLUNGS IMG_6798IMG-20131217-WA0060IMG-20131217-WA0061IMG_6794