Lumina Foresta

“Lumina Foresta is a project that explores the interstice of nature and the digital or the ecological and the artificial. This project stems from the cries of the current environmental crises evident as quantified data from carbon emissions in urban areas affecting also our natural habitats – evoking a sense of responsibility within the citizens interacting with the installation..”



Co-Mida + Lumina Foresta event, March 12th 2021


In the month of January, the multiple components of the installation was fabricated and the installation was built at IAAC to prepare for the main event.

// The components 

// The first assembly at Atelier 

// The process

Soon after the assembly, the team began to work on multiple projection tests.

// The tests 

The installation was then dis-assembled in order to move it to the co-mida+Llum event space!

//The disassembly

All packed and ready to be transported to the event space!

Finally, a day before the event, the team swiftly assembled the installation at the IAAC main hall within 1.5 hours for the final display. As the concept was developed with the location as a park in mind, a beautiful tree was brought in to complete the installation.

// The second assembly 

The installation was on display for visitors at the IAAC main campus, along with the co-mida event on the 12th of March.







//Project Credits
Students: Abhishek Sharma, Aditya Ambare, Aditya Ravindra Mandlik, Alisa Iureva, Andrea Giacomo De Stasio ,Eve Nnaji, Harsh Vora, Léa Carole Solène Pauline Garguet-Duport, Matthew Gordon, Muhammad Mansoor Awais, Roberto, Vargas Calvo, Siddharth Aryamane, Sneha Vivek, Stefana – Florina Zapuc, Vatsal Kapadia, Yash Palshetkar
Faculty: Cristian Rizzuti and Pablo Ros