The aim of this project was to define the process of a tower using Grasshopper and Galapagos. Galapagos evaluates the tower analysis and looks for results which have a multi objective strategy. In the design process of this building, the overall configuration based on the total volume of the building, the facade volume, floor area, as well as solar radiation cumulated to a fitness system which satisfied sun exposure. The aim of the façade was to continue in the goal of providing thermal comfort and reduce solar glare. This was achieved through a variable porosity responsive building skin which would adapt their opening based on solar radiation.

Situated in Lujiazui, Shanghai, the site is  220 x 240m at its widest point, and within that, the ground-floor building plan occupies less the 75%. The surrounding area is comprised of densely packed high-rise structures.

The form of the building was generated through a simple lofted surface with an addition of a voluminous weave facade for added volume.

The genes of this system, included every vertices of bulb panels
, the size of our floor plates, the building height, and total volume.

Galapagos evaluates the tower analysis and provided a series of iteration aiming for the best results which satisfied the multi objective fitness criteria.

The best optimised iterations where selected and final variation was chosen to proceed in the design phase.

In the case of the responsive skin the facade surfaces gets tessellated and then perforated accordingly to the reflection sun angle on the surface. Angles closer to zero degrees (vertical to the surface normal) provides a smaller opening. On the other hand greater angles, enable larger solar penetration.

This allows  thermal comfort within the building and optimal light exposure throughout the day.


Lujiazui Tower is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2021 Students: Solene Biche Cais and Vaibav Toshniwal Faculty: David Andres León Faculty assistant: Ashkan Foroughi, Laukik Lad and Uri Lewis