The Looping Atomium

The final submission for computational design for the introductory term entailed transforming a Weaverbird’s Icosahedron. As part of the assignment it was necessary to manipulate the geometry. In order to do this, surfaces were subdivided with the help of Weaverbird Sierpinski and starting points for the loop were created. It was important to keep all the components that need a lot of generation out of the loop that is made with Anemone components. To visualize the loop, spheres were added to emphasize the movement and the growing pattern of the Icosahedron.

a02_gvanlimburgstirum a02_gvanlimburgstirum2 a02_gvanlimburgstirum3 a02_gvanlimburgstirum4 a02_gvanlimburgstirum5