Etherea is a light-based installation that works with the verticality of the space to convey a feeling of ethereality. A UV light source moves vertically through the shaft in response to the quietude of its audience. As it passes through planes of fluorescent string which lie perpendicular to its direction of travel, viewers see a spherical halo of colourful glowing lines, which changes constantly to reveal new patterns and effects. In this way, the light and its effects exhibit an almost human quality – descending within reach when noise levels are low, and ascending to a safe height when it becomes startled by voices or other sounds filling its environment. The experience is one of wonder, as observers marvel in the mysterious nature of this intangible display.

Etherea ptn_Sam Rossana1_concept

Etherea ptn_Sam Rossana2_orthos

Etherea ptn_Sam Rossana5_render

Etherea // is a property of IaaC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia // developed at Llum Festival Workshop 2015 by:

Students // Rossana Graca // Samuel Shapiro

Faculty // Alexandre Dubor // Angel Munoz // Leandro Ferron // Silvia Brandi // Maria Kuptsova