Celestial is a system which explores the relationship between particles and the attendant. It is a digital universe with physical rules. Particles are born into this universe, they seek their opposites just to annihilate on contact. After they vanish, they respawn with a different mass on another location.

Everything has a different mass and is tied up to each other by a gravitational force. Particles are consist of matter and anti-matter which are red and blue.

The attendants join to this universe as a mass disturbing the balance. When their face is detected by the camera, they are drawn as white larger bodies of mass. They attract the red particles while deflecting the blue with respect to the Newtons Universal Law of Gravitation.

Larger masses have a stronger gravitational force and as distance increases, the force fades. As the attendant stays longer, particles evolve and adapt to create a new balance.


Students: MAA 2018-2019 : Aysel Abasova, Doruk Y?ld?r?m, Tolga Kalc?o?lu
Faculty: Angel Munoz and Cristian Rizzuti