Living Net- Performing Arts Center


Top view

Human race have started their history embedded in forest and natural environment living in perfect harmony with them. From nature they managed to obtain food, shelter, medicine and everything that have been necessary to their survival. However,  since the human beings have dominate fire and some tools so they have become able to construct their own equipment, shelter, vehicles and technologies, that nowadays we cannot even think the possibility to survive without them, nature has become second plane in terms of importance. Therefore were started to believe that nature is no longer something essential to live. As a result, currents cities were created living behind all the treasure and knowledge that this living environment would have to supply our necessities.

The Performing Arts Center has as propose to regain the harmony between nature and buildings.

The project is located in the west of India in a preserved green area called Western ghasts. The site is perfect connected to nature as nature is an essential part of this project.

The trees are columns that will support the lightweight structure; the leaves are natural shelters that protect from direct sun light; the structures are elevated from the soil respecting and allowing nature to heal itself, then avoiding unnecessary footprint.

The Living Net is a lightweight structure that allows the Performing arts Center and knowledge exchange to exist. It is a place to accommodate festivals, ceremonies, lectures, as leisure place and exchange knowledge and also a punch of other activities. As it is known those activities are fundamental to a tribe life.

The Net becomes alive by using a grafting technique that allows the growth of branches between the two layers of cable-net. By molding and bending these branches a new and totally living project will surge. A totally open and self-sufficient open theatre was created and regained the treasure that is connected to nature and humanity harmoniously.




View from audience


Constructive system


Looking at stage



Living Net- Performing Arts Center is a project of IaaC, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2016 by:

Student : Fabio Della Barba Menezes

Faculty: Enric Ruiz Geli and Mireia Luzárraga