Animal Farming is a critical subject of environmental, economic and empathic dimensions. Delving into this subject, one can touch upon several critical thresholds.

With the focus on Livestock Farming, we recognize the extent to which meat production, distribution, and consumption impacts society, as well as environmental, technological, economical and political infrastructure across the world. These subcategories aid at weighing out the pros and cons of Livestock farming, as well. A few themes found within the card set include ethics, convenience, sustainability, industrial and nutritional aspects of meat production an livestock farming.

The Major Principles picked out here are:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Animal Agriculture
  • Toxic Wastes From Livestock and Poultry
  • Sustainable Live Stock Farming
  • Organic Food for Global Demand
  • Farming Your Own Food
  • Who Eats Meat?

Taking a look at world trade today:

It is appaling to see that a country like the United States of America, whose population does not reach 5 percent of th world’s population, produces almost 20 percent of the beef in the world. It is also perplexing to know that beef is a very low nutritious contributor to the human system, rather harming in most instances, and yet consumed excessively by most societies.


This calls for cultural reflection and understanding that in certain culture cow is man’s best friend, or even divine reference. While is other cultures dog is seen as food. In a world of today, where one barely knows where food is coming from. It is important to make food tangible.

An empathic and calibrative call is crucial and our manifesto highlights:

  • Reintroducing wildlife to urban space: a call for familiarity adn tangibility
  • Redesigning farming methods in such a way that does not require deforestation
  • Releasing production from the grasp of geopolitics: producing locally and seasonally

It is not only ideal, but logical, that the world heads towards a supranation, and a city towards non-compartmentalisation but rather like what Cedric Price describes as a scrambled egg, where depite of heterogeniety, everything coexists as one system.


Livestock Farming – Workshop is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.
Developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2017 by Antoinette El Chidiac,  Mohammad Rachid Jalloul, Mohammad Akram Khan, Valeria Julich.
Tutors: Mathilde Marengo, Jonathan Irawan.
Faculty of Advanced Architecture.