Challenging the integrality of digital production and digital design

Nikolaos Argyros, Lalin Keyvan, Christopher Wong

“Data and material, programming
and construction are interwoven. This synthesis is enables by the techniques of digital fabrication,
which allows the architect to control the manufacturing process through design data. 
Material is thus enriched by information; material becomes ‘informed.’”
“From now on, we are no longer designing the form that will ultimately be produced, but the production process itself.”
“The robot [...] connects the world of immaterial logic with that of material construction in the most direct way.”
Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, ‘Digital Materiality in Architecture’
Can a material still be digital once it is translated into the physical?
If it can, is a material truly digital if the method of translation to the physical is entirely without digital machines?
Group 10 - Argyros, Keyvan, Wong_000004