SE.8 – Elective Seminar
Tutors: Alexandre Dubor, Pablo Ros

Recent advances in manufacturing and bio composite have open new opportunities for engineers and designers, allowing us to envision a high tech and light sustainable architecture based on natural materials.
In this 2 semester seminar we will be exploring the agency and new potential of natural materials developing a digitally manufactured biocomposite for lightweight construction. The seminar is a collaboration with the technological center EURECAT and the wo od industry partner GURIT.
Students can expect to learn about Robotic Fabrication, biocomposite material,  sandwich panel fabrication,  and develop new  fabrication strategies for performative architecture. While many small prototypes at scale 1:1 and material tests will be produced on the first semester in groups of 3 people, one common large scale prototype will be designed and fabricated in the second semester and implemented in Barcelona for public access and community creation.