The intent in this project is to capture the complexity of the city and the changing lives of the individuals in the city and turn it into an artwork. The installation goes beyond simple color intervention to single or multiple user interaction to entirely represent the complexities of the real time city as a shifting morphing and complex system.

The artwork presents new ways of thinking about life, materialization and interaction within public space and how this affects the socialization of space. The project uses the landscape of the color spectrum and solar based technologies to create visualizations of life as it unfolds. The interactions with this device is converted from user input and represented virtually onto the city as real time artwork.



In the era of social networking and computing, the merge of the people and the Internet leads to a shift from system-oriented design to data-driven service. Nowadays products have become terminals of services and systems become platforms to deliver the services. The growth and development of social computing have dramatically increased the complexity towards social innovation. Technology plays an important role in the new ways of social interaction and urban environments. Cities are coming to life in the digital world and one way to approach these challenge is by building interactive public installations.

This document will explore into the challenges brought by social computing in designing for social interaction in public spaces, as well as the phenomena implied for the development of a new proposal and the results. The current development in digital public installations involves a significant amount of new bearers of technology and materials resulting in new dynamic and interactive forms that require devices to work from a system with good understating of human interaction. For this reason The Light Computer Installation emerges as a new attractive and sustainable solution for the social issues regarding the El Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain.






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LIGHT COMPUTER is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016/2017 by:
Students : Nayla Bou Maroun, Antoinette El Chidiac, Margarita Moshonkina, Fabio Rivera.
Faculty : Javier Peña, Jonathan Minchin, Oriol Carrasco