Llum Festival 2018

Interactive Light Installation//

This project is a proposal for “LLUM BCN”. An event that commemorates Santa Eulalia’s life. In the frame of this big festivity the city creates a Light Festival curating projects from students of many universities. Each year the city chooses an area in Barcelona to create this festival for three nights, illuminating the city and inviting the public to live several experiences while interacting with the beauty of light and the urban life.

        LLUM BCN 2018 will take place in Poblenou. The Project is inside IAAC building. Pujades 102 (4)


The word levitas means lightness, to float, to get into a nirvana state. Lightness as a spiritual experience. The proposal is a pathway that tries to evoke the feeling of hope, transformation and wonder by stimulating the senses. The aim is to build a ‘no-space’ , abstract from reality and time.

The project is an installation of three pieces where the main material is fabric because of its versatility and movement. The ethereal nature of it allows to generate a sense of lightness and a spectrum of random forms that involve the spectator with the pieces. Each object contains its own personality and the reaction of each is different, leading the person that interacts with them discover their behavior. The pieces exist as a whole but also individually. It is an intimate relation, the connection would come first from ourselves, like a revelation and then with the connection with others.

First Object//

The spirit of a child playing, the lightness, the discovering.

A 3m radius circle made of thick fabric hangs from the middle with an RGB light inside. A grating plank under the fabric with a fan inside activates when people step on it. The fan helps the fabric to maintain it shapes and movement. By blowing toward the visitors, the wind takes part of the sensory stimulation and help in creating a full interaction.

A Kinect fixed on the floor detects the movement of the people interacting with the installation. The movement of people determinate the velocity of the motor which gives the movement to the fabric.

Second Object//

The metamorphosis. A body that changes and transforms as it moves.

Two rings are designed, one hangs from the ceiling and the other fixed to the floor. Strips of flexible net fabric is attached to the rings creating a membrane around them.

A white light bulb on the top of the first ring and a sensor make the rings turn against each other creating different shapes and shadows which will be reflected on the walls and floor.

This installation plays with the spectators, turning and moving with them, revealing forms, creating shadows with their bodies and enabling the communication between them trough the voids.

Third Object//

The universe that connect us all

3×6 meters of light fabric is held from the the structure with nylon strings. Each string is connected to a Servo. There are 16 servos in total with a distance of 75cm from each other.

The Servos are programmed to move the strings according the movement of people under it. The structure has 6 Led strips that change color depending on the quantity of persons in the area. A capacity sensor detects the topography and the number of people interacting with it which affects the shape of the fabric.

The movement and illumination of the fabric change with the number of people moving under it.



The installation would be fixed to an organic fabric that marks the route of the spectator and from which the pieces are hanging. The pieces are curated to create a narrative. This fabric not only marks the path for the public but it makes the installations visually connected and integrated, creating a virtual space that holds everything.

Light has been a recurrent symbol of spirituality, it is to say that is printed on our collective imagery as such. Light as a source of energy; the big bang that initiate all, the light at the end of the tunnel and so. All in all the symbolism that lies on light is tide up to the concepts of humanity. The inspiration for this project is the inner light that Santa Eulalia followed as she walk through darkness, facing torture and being martyred and the transcendence of her soul through her body and spirit.



Levitas, Interactive Light Installation – LLUM BCN 2018

Tutors: Klaus ObermaierLuis Fraguada
Team: Maria Abou Merhi, Andrea Molero, Ioannis Romanos