The main idea is to create a digital canvas onto which a paint would be applied through an interaction with the machine (Arduino).
The tool of the artist is his hand moving over the sensors, this data is translated into directions and drives each special and unique branch to grow with the physical motion.
Each branch has a different colour and length, allowing each user to leave his footprint on the artwork.
The installation (Arduino + Processing) is an interesting situation stimulating the user to interact with the machine. Why?? Because it’s a game with randomness (colours, offsets, etc.) from the side of the computer and from the side of the player is the game with the pattern, leading the direction and geometry.
The outcome are interesting images that are always active and constantly morthing. The control system was designed to be as intuitive as possible, however shadows and sources of light, reflections are always hard to predict, therefore it the end product usually holds surprises.


After starting the program, it is crucial to adjust the level of light with the knob on the left (closer to edge of box) to the readings of the photo sensors (best if 20-30% lower than average reading). Next you will see on the screen a growing branch, please try to place your hand over one of the light sensors and explore how the direction of the growth changes. Explore the 2 buttons, as one whipes the screen and the other restarts the growing of the next branch from the center (WITHOUT LOSS OF PREVIOUS DRAWING).


In this situation, the Arduino is used as the machine that collects the information and manipulates the parameters necessary for carrying out the drawing. Processing takes in this information and translates it to growing of the branches and manipulation of this action.










Team: Marcel Dawid, Ines Pedras, Cesar Arroyo

Tutors: Anchelos Chronis, Angel Munoz