Lean – Portable Mushrooms Shelter

The aim was to create mushroom like structures that would be fitting the context it’s located in.

We didn´t choose any site for the exercise was IAAC Atelier’s. The main idea is to use easily fabricated, light weight materials which would be adaptable to different contexts they might locate at.The structures will have functions like sitting and laying according to the space they’re located in. Giving the possibility to modify the design according to different needs.


STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS    _the strategy is to begin with a simple structural loop and to try to have surfaces for different functions (seating, displaying, working, storaging, …) those surfaces where replace in the structural analysis by tension wires.


Lean” is a project of IAAC, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed as part of the “Mushrooms: The Structural Collective of a Specific Collective of a Specific Environment” Course at the Master in Advanced Architecture Program in 2017/18.

Students: Eduardo Chamorro, Elliott Santos, Timothy Magara,Jasser Salas Castro, Adriana Cano Limarino

Faculty: Manja van de Worp, Raimund Krenmueller, Cesar Arroyo