03-cnc-milling-leaf-ahvad-arroyo-arslanMaterial: Corian 12mm Solid Surface (Hi-Macs)
Machine: CNC
Milling time: 21 min
Milling bit: flat 6mm, ball mill 6mm

Our design inspiration was a leaf, as simple as it sounds. We used leaf ’s veins as the main design characteristics.

To create a sense of duality and an interesting pattern of light and shadow we used engraving and pocketing as our design strategies. Also we created different levels in pocketing for more dramatic light effect.
dsc_5503  dsc_5534_1dsc_5538dsc_5571dsc_555703-cnc-milling-leaf-ahvad-arroyo-arslan3dsc_5602   dsc_5673 dsc_5677 dsc_5680dsc_5665