Integrative Modeling : LEAF Project

Process of Collaborating Rhino and Revit using Rhino.Inside.Revit

This process of using Revit is part of BIM Smart Construction module of MaCad program where the workflow of transferring data between Rhino to Revit or Revit to Rhino that have majorly involved with Rhino.Inside Revit. For the tools, the design was modelled by Grasshopper to simulate and optimize the geometry, while the second process of transferring and modeling geometry with data were involved with Rhino.Inside component in grasshopper. In this project, LEAF Luna Enhancement and Agricultural Farming, the idea of create BIM workflow is essentially needed as the project is aiming to be built on the moon so all the elements need to have data and location specifically indicated, so Revit became our main tools for adding parameters and help visualizing data from different aspects. Moreover, by using Rhino.Inside helping us to parametrically modify object families, levels, and other elemental ID related such as materials and object types.

Integrative Modeling with Rhino and Revit

LEAF is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed in the Master in Advance Computation in Architecture and Design | Integrative Modeling 2020/21
by Students: Alexander tong, Dongyub Lee, Nawapan Suntorachai
Faculty: Ardeshir Talaei, Sepehr Farzaneh