TRIAL1 We started the design with the “Indian Jali” (Lattice Screen) as our inspiration. The Jali is a perforated stone screen consisting of intricate ornamental work using complex geometrical shapes and connections. 129691 We started playing around with different geometrical shapes on a 2D plane. Various juxtapositions of basic geometric shapes were used to create a complex pattern. Keeping the water flow in mind, we further developed the design into an organic one.   Collages The concept of a Jali and the river were merged to form the final piece. The negative of the screens were used for the solid surface and the positive was used for the water channels.  

The design was generated keeping just one tile in mind rather than a whole, reason being- to not have a pre-defined pattern and maintaining a sense of mystery. The organic fluidity of the plane further enabled us to achieved the irregular spatial pattern.