Lamps & Joints


3d printed lamps

3d printed Lamp by Pablo Corroto and Vincent Charlebois


3d print, lamp, assignment

Final output for our 3d printed lamp assignment

The first assignment for the Digital Prototyping for Architecture class can be divided in two parts. First, we had to design some hanging lamps for the Valldaura workshop space and second, some structural nodes to use with bamboo sticks. The final designs were then produced with 3d printing technology. We were asked to reduce the material use while maximizing the build volume. We explored different design strategies during the early stage of the assignment.


Rhinoceros, lamps, design, experiment

Lamp design experiments made with Rhino



One of our strategies was to find inspiration in the hypercube, a cube within a cube with their vertices connected. With Grasshopper, we scripted a system that could move each point of the hypercube individually, generating thousands of results.

generative, grasshopper, lamp, 3d printed

Animated gif of generative designs for a 3d printed lamp


grasshopper, lamps, hypercube

Lamp prototypes generated with grasshopper


Finally, for the joint component, we found inspiration in japanese woodworking joinery.
We created this simple design where bamboo could simply be inserted in the 3d printed piece.

japanese, joinery, 3d printed

3d printed joint to use with Bamboo



bamboo, 3d print, joints, rhino

3d printed joints used with bamboo



A project by Pablo Corroto and Vincent Charlebois