IMG_20131204_131927 The third exercise was to design a hexagonal cement tile that reflects on Barcelona’s history of walkways and house tiling patterns. The main concept for the design was to refer circles to actual rain drops that are falling on the surface; randomness and differentiation in sizes represent the ‘spread’ of rain fall.   G-08 IMG_20131204_111223 The spheres have been placed using a continuous pattern of grouped circles in a way that they don’t have a specified center when connected across larger surface. The channeling corridors are varied according to the neighboring tile so the water can be distributed equally within a larger assembly. IMG_20131204_135530   A single mould of polyurethane  has been produced using CNC Milling machine. The form was covered with sealant and heated vaseline in order to avoid damage of pattern while removing concrete block from the mould. The  mix of concrete consisted of cement, aggregate, accelerator and water. Further on hot water was used to remove remaining vaseline and to finish oil has been applied to polish the surface of the mould.