LA CORTINA is project that explores draping as a form finding technique for temporary architectural applications, as well as the use of hydrogel as a passive cooling system in the urban scale. Draping is the behaviour of material under the influence of gravity. It can take many different shapes, based on the material’s weight, elasticity, size and thickness.

The project was developed through 3 phases of experimentations with different materials. The students designed an apparatus on which they conducted all of their experiments during the studio. Initial experiments included exploration of different forms that can be achieved through the draping of fabric on top of vertical wooden elements. The next step of the process introduced the use of hydrogel, and encapsulation of it withing the fabric. During the thrid phase, the group developed different panelization patterns, within the fabric, which were implemented in the final design proposal.

The project is focused on the circulation paths of the users of the plaza Commercial in Barcelona, and aims to enhance and shade the main axis which runs along the plaza, while “revealing” through its form the Mercal del  Born to the pedestrians approaching from Passeig del Born. The structure is composed by three types of panels, that implement seating, air flow, and passive cooling systems (through the use of encapsulated hydrogel powder). The different types are distributed within the design based on a radiation analysis run, where the highest radiation is assigned to hydrogel panels, the lowest one to seating panels and the in between to open window panels that allow for natural air flow under the shaded plaza.

CENTRO DE CULTURA CURVA is a project by the Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia, developed in the CIEE Global Architecture & Design Spring 2019 program by:

Students: Carol Ambrose, Lorenzo Tamayo-Lee, Lucas Moros, Ian Fuller
Future Cities Design Studio Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre
Science, Engineering and Techonology Workshop Faculty: Ricardo Mayor
Faculty Assistant: Nikoleta Mougkasi