In an age following the industrial revolution, where the human impact became inseparable from the natural landscape; it becomes increasingly difficult to identify the threshold. The meeting moment between these two landscapes is now slowly transforming into the urban norm, and it is important to transcend the attitude from spectacle to integration. Dialogue at this mental – and more importantly – spatial moment is imperative.

This dialogue aims to close the loop; a loop we as humans failed to identify with due to our separation from nature and our perception of ourselves as intrusive entities, rather than contributing members.

Deep within the social micro-climate of the city of Barcelona, lies potential for a self sustaining system of environmental response and social stability. The [L]2STONE project aims to research and optimize a system where the accretion of calcium carbonate is combined with the utilization of metal and industrial waste. Providing new qualitative discoveries in form and functional interfaces, spatial or otherwise.

The project explores the three natural water sites surrounding the city, Llobregat, Besos and the Port Olympic.  As they are the environmental datum in which the relationship between the natural and the industrial is established.  The main urban contributors are the Chatarreros “waste collectors”, people who roam the streets in effort to find waste objects of value that they can sell to waste yards.

These contributors can be a primary catalyst in the anthropocenic cycle this project aims to complete.  In the aforementioned cycle, the minerals found in natural waters combined with industrial metal waste to create a dialogue between the environment and the pollutant, through the processing of Bio-Rock accretion unto metal waste objects to create a hybrid third.

This is achieved through simulating on site circumstances in a controlled experiment as well as a solar powered In Situ machine.


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L system rotation & point cloud simulations:



On site test:



[L]²STONE is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture 1(MAA01)  in (2016-17) by:


  • Mohamad Alchawa
  • Ekin Arslan
  • Javier Lopez-Alascio
  • Merve Savatli
  • Filipp Sevostianov


  • Claudia Pasquero (Introductory Studio Tutor)
  • Carmelo Zappulla (Introductory Studio Tutor)
  • Maria Kupstova (Introductory Studio Assistant)