st-jerome-under-a-pollard-willow During the reading of Alison Smithson article I went deeper in understanding what does it mean “knowledge in nature”. In fact Saint Jerome during his live was addicted (if it possible to say like this) to knowledge, but because of time when he lived in some moments it was difficult. Then through time different painters started to depict him in theirs paintings. They were always depict  him in a different spaces with different details and this spaces were individual understanding of them. I understand that details in painting were symbolize how Saint Jerome was feeling a life. I want to transform it to how should Architect feel live in my opinion. Architect should be as a conductor from environment around to people. Juan Nuvel always says that  sacred duty of architect is to send positive emotions  through architecture you build to people. If we will go deeper, we can understand from where architect can find positive emotions. They are around. In food, drinks, music, movies, paintings, etc. But emotions, are not only  positive feelings. It is also inspiration and knowledge. When you can study from nature around, you can find absolutely new horizons in what you design. Thats what green architecture means. You explore enviroment around and then you use that knowledge to optimize, to integrate your ideas in live. And to send your feelings.