KaleidoFractal – Performative Skin


Architecture is no more just a word describing art or aesthetics in today’s world. Today, the world is facing economical and environmental crisis.

A vision where we can help the people by using pure physics to solve very prime problems. Here, one of the major concerns which is focused on is the Air quality which is changing day by day.

The Idea is to create a canopy through which people commuting from one place to another pass everday and this canopied shell structure will be contaning a micro climate within itself, with the help of Factors like, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry , Vegetation and mirrors. This Shell Can be designed as long as 2 kms and as short as 500 meters.

A system which can save millions of peoples lifes by changing the quality of breathable air and creating a enhanced enviroment meant to be suitable for human body without any external source of energy and also creates an interactice user experience for the peoples passing through it.

 A simple change in geometry and porosity merged together can change the whole scenario. Wouldn’t that be great?

An Kaleidoscopic Fractal Canopied Shell that can work for summer and winter discreetly.This research is purely based on changing the r-value in relation to the porosity of the Geometry  to give better results.

“A system which creates its own enviroment within its core shell for a healthier and unique experience.”


A  system was developed during this research program which can generate micro climate throughtout the year without any external source of energy.

A different perspective of looking at the solution of the everyday breathing issues faced in major countries in this century.

A small contribution to the Save people’s lifes.

KaleidoFractal is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2016/17  by:


  • Nisarg sheth


  • Lluis Viu Rebes
  • Jordi Pages