The objective of this project is to study the Solar Analysis of the provided building as if it were located in Barcelona with its main facade facing the south, and develop a Parametric Solar Panelling System that whole help generate enough energy for the occupants in the building.

In this specific building; K – 1299 Mixed Used Building by Built by Associative Data (BAD Architects), the goal was to try not to alter the form of the building and rather develop a panelling system that can be applied to the building without altering its form. What was done here is, the original extruded volumes were extruded a bit further but with the offset of 48cm around the frame of the windows, in an effort to not obstruct the views or change the architecture much. On this extrusion 16x16cm Polycrystalline solar cells are then applied onto the frames of these extrusions; with the building having 169 extrusions, therefore 169 Photovoltaic Systems applied. After further calculations were made, this paneling system proved 91% Self-Sufficiency producing the amount of approximately 122764.95 kWh of Photovoltaic generation. Implying that no changes were necessary in the form of the building to generate a sufficient amount of energy for the inhabitants.

K- 1299 Solar Analysis is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.
Developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2017 by Antoinette El Chidiac
Tutors: Vincente Guallart, Pep Salas, Elias Kateb
Faculty of Advanced Architecture.