Joint Configurations

A Intro
B Process
C Parameters
D Catalouge


A - Intro
What does this code do?

Joint Configurations - is a design code made with python to articulate wood-joints customized for soft-material inlay as part of
a thesis on wood and flexible joineries (Assembly of Flexible Timber Structures with Isotropic Inlay, 2018-2019). 
It uses a series of parameters controlling stock dimensions, joint specific detailing as well as post-processing 
the geometry as an isometric drawn representation with colours based on surface area.

B - Process
1. Points from Python
2. Draw polyline & close shape
3. Anchoring strategy + rounded edges
4. Extrude shape
5. Plane intersection
6. Perform boolean difference
7. Isometric Setup
8. Make 2D
9. Orient drawing by -30 degrees
10. Apply linetypes + lineweights and bake to layer



C - Parameters

Stock Related
1 Piece Depth : depth of piece
2 Piece Width : width of piece
Joint related
3 Bridge Gap : distance to space
4 Bridge Width : thickness
5 Fillet Edge : corner radius (smoothing)
6 Section-Cut : exploratory tool (dissecting joint)

1* Piece Depth

2* Piece Width

3* Bridge Gap

4* Bridge Width

5* Fillet Edge

6* Section-Cut

D - Catalouge


Joint Configurations  is a code developed for Assembly of Flexible Timber Structures with Isotropic Inlay,
a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Masters in Advanced Architecture in 2018 by:

 Lars Erik Elseth
Faculty: Angel Muñoz