Iterative Morphology is an algorithm that exploits the possibilities of Grasshopper3D in the field of loops.
Starting from a sphere and taking advantages of the Anemone add-on, the process builds a tetrahedron and repeatedly subdivides its triangular curves into smaller ones, connecting each vertex to their center and stretching them with a scalar vector.

Here are some examples of the recursive process


At every iteration, the number of triangles triples along with the complexity of the system.
Furthermore, by controlling the amplitude of the scalar vector it is possible to obtain clearly different results:


download the algorithm here:

ITERATIVE MORPHOLOGY is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City and Technology, in 2016 by:

Student: Iacopo Neri

Tutors: Aldo Sollazzo, Rodrigo Aguirre