Group 3
IS.1 – Introductory Studio
My Metabolic Garden
-Active Public Space-

Senior Faculty: Javier Peña
Faculty: Oriol Carrasco
Student assistant: Catalina Puello Acosta

This introductory studio is about developing the skills, knowledge and comprehension for being able to design and generate new spatial devices. Recognizing the processes of creation and destruction of energy and matter that transform all existing constructions, natural or man-made. All of it combined with the recognition of the existing relationship between metabolic processes (anabolic and catabolic) with the human body and the surrounding geography.
Climate change and global warming will be used as main driver, as the big elephant in the room we no longer can obviate. Despite being an “accepted truth”, there are few real measures that everyday people have taken to combat it. In an attempt to change how citizenship interact with the biggest of all time human caused problem, the studio will propose to change the scale of the solution and bring it back to the cities, the main cause for the situation we are facing. Trying to remediate the climate crisis where it started.
We will work on existing gardens and empty lots, transforming and tuning them into devices of climatic intermediation between our physiology and our daily activities and what is currently happening in our atmosphere.