IS.1 – Introductory Studio g.C
Senior Faculty: Javier Peña
Expert: Jonathan Minchin
Faculty assistant: Oriol Carrasco



The studio aims to explore the ambiguous links existing between energy and society. We propose to systematize the research from a ‘design and make’ methodology, getting in touch with fabrication logics and design strategies starting from the very first week.
Each group will build a machine that has the capacity to manage sunlight, while aiming as well, at activating new social spaces, strategic engagements or community-making processes.
Each group of students will choose a specific space and mode of deployment, but all of them will extract their energy generation using the sunlight as their main base-field, beyond photovoltaic and thermal capacities,  we aim to have a wider panorama about solar based machines.
The first version of this studio was to explore wind energy in Valldaura. Those first machines were finally deployed on-site in the forest, transforming the campus, its daily life and the surroundings into a prototype test field.
The Studio’s present year will work on engaging the public spaces in Poblenou neighborhood, from the leisure waterfront to the productive industrial grid, understanding the citizens’ daily life as an informative starting point.

Project Ampleaf, IS1 2013: Kateryna Rogynska, Ramin Shambayati, Robert D McKaye, Sahil Sharma
We5, IS1 2013: Alessio Verdolino, Hriday Siddharth , Alejandro Martínez del Campo, Tobias Grumstrup Lund , Ricardo Perez

1 /// SOCIAL
How devices build communities?
How citizenship is constructed?
Can shared protocols, a commons factory, be the key to start-up new collective habitats?

2 /// ENERGY
How do societies / living systems manage solar energy?
Are we aware of the urban and material affects linked to our daily routines?
Can we give transparency to those energy processes?

“How much does your sunlight weigh, Mr. Foster?”
Prototypes will be continuously evaluated according to the following criteria:
– Energy cost > Weight to Energy efficiency ratio
– Energy efficiency > Total solar gain vs gain approached.
– Social engagement > Linking citizens to public space activities

Supertramp, Crisis? What Crisis?