Object : Lamp

Students : Ilkim Er, Çağlar Gökbulut

The aim here was to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Laser Cutting method, to learn about which materials are more suitable to use with laser.

First we have created 3D model through Rhinoceros software and then we used a plugin for Grasshopper in order to split this 3D objects into pieces that can be cut by Laser Cutter, in order to create our lamp.

After cutting process we needed to bring pieces together and our lamp was ready.



pieces of our lamp











object : nuts bowl

students : Ilkim Er, Çağlar Gökbulut

Another fabrication method we tried through the process was 3D printer, for this specific task we used Rhinoceros and Grasshopper softwares, after that we imported our model into Slic3r, to be able to 3d print.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 16.59.07 çağlar_ilkim_04 3DPrint_1 3DPrint_2


object : box for pens

students : Ilkim Er, Chiara Dal’Olio, Seda Tuğutlu

The last fabrication method we tried was milling, we again 3d modeled our objects, and used Rhinocam in order to export our model for milling machine.


Pieces of our 3D model, ready for milling machine



Our pieces ready to join

Milling Exercise at FabLab Barcelona


IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia 

Master in City and Technology in 2016  

Student:Ilkım Er, Caglar Gokbulut, Chiara Dal’Olio, Seda Tuğutlu

Faculty: Djordje Stanojevic, Ricardo Valbuena