Material: 5mm cupboard
Technique: laser cut

The Torus is a surface or solid formed by rotating a closed curve, especially a circle, around a line
that lies in the same plane but does not intersect it. The shape of the torus was inspired by the
traditional mountain and river landscape paintings. It involve a complicated and rigorous set of
almost mystical requirements for balance, composition, and form.The curved surface and the liquid
and fluid feature of the design showed the change in the weather.

First, Create the shape we designed.
Second, properly scale the object in the designated area for grasshopper script.
Thirdly, apply the grasshopper script on the object and bake the results.
For the final object we sent to the laser cut machine, we need to put the object on the “0,0”
point and make sure all the proper parameter for printing cardboard was settled in “en route”.





Material: Plastic
Technique: 3D Printing
The Melting Mug is the result of the modification of a cup. The original solid was stretched along
the x and y axis and was compressed on the z axis. The shape of the cup was inspired by the
process of 3D printing itself: a thread of plastic is melted by the machine to shape the mug. If we
melt the mug once is made, plastic will go back to its original state.

3D Printing

First, create the primary shape of the mug.
Second, deform it in order to have the final shape that we designed.
For the final object, we configured the printing using Cura software and then we sent the draw to
the 3D printing machine.