IAAC- Master in City & Technology 2018/19
Theory of Cities Masterclass
Curated by: Mathilde Marengo

Speaker: Albert Cañigueral

Founder of ConsumoColaborativo and OuiShare Connector for Spain and Latin America
Albert is a multimedia engineer fascinated by the disruptive business models outside the pure digital domains. He founded ConsumoColaborativo in 2011 and since then he has been the reference in Spanish language for the collaborative economy. He also leads the OuiShare activities in Spain and Latin America.

In addition to teaching, speaking and writing about the impact of the collaborative business models, Albert is a consultant for startups, companies and public administrations who are willing to adapt their strategies to the collaborative era.

Author of “Vivir mejor con menos: descubre las ventajas de la economía colaborativa” (Conecta 2014)

Topic: Internet of People – Information
Discussing his experience in Ouishare/Consumo Colaborativo, and the generation and potentials of collaborative business models.