The hardware we use has caught up to the ambitions of real-time rendering.  Now we can create great looking project presentations without waiting for anything to render.  We will look at the Cl3ver platform, a completely online web platform dedicated to presenting 3d content.

It is easy to import model workflows from design programs such as Rhino, Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD or Sketchup Pro to Unity and create a engaging interactive walkthrough.

For this workflow, an solar analysis is carried out using Grasshopper Plug-in “Galapagos” evolutionary solver to generate the most optimum shading over a generic Barcelona urban block design.

Shade 47

Finding optimum shading performance for selected area in open urban plaza using Galapagos.

Shade 1

Bake resultant shading panes in Grasshopper.





Export object as OBJ to windows 3D builder.

3d Builder image

Import object into Unity Software. Adjusting light and shade to suit preferences.


Cl3ver Background Image

Change through camera angles and add button to pivot through various views chosen.

Cl3ver Button

Assign colours to object layer to create distinction between subject and background.

Cl3ver Orientation

Pivot through camera views and arrange in order of preferences.

Cl3ver Perspective

Export link to create a unity video for the viewer/client to experience. Unity is a solution for rapid development of engaging built environment experiences.

Interlop Workflows (Unity) is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) in 2015/2016 by:

Student: Robert Staples 

Faculty: Luis Fraguada