Interactive Tension

As part of the final assignment of the second semester for computational design we were asked to build a tensile structure with the use of the grasshopper plugin Kangaroo.

The structure originates from a cube (10x10x10), which is used as a directory. The rough form of the structure consists of an arrangement of cubes in order to make a composition. Some anchor points of the cubes are rearranged to diversify the formation.

The Naked Edges are managed by the Anchor component of Kangaroo 2, while the overall shape is manifested with the use of Mesh Edges. 

Show, Length, Anchor and Planarize are the Goals to make the tensile structure. With the right parameters the structure is being managed. With the application of two different colours the simulation is able to show which meshes are plane (green) and which are not (red).

In the final image the overall structure is visible with all the meshes in perfect planes. This current shape is now possible to build with, for instance, wooden planes with joinery handled by a KUKA robot.