IAAC / Master of Advance Architecture

Physical and Computational Programming


Input: Motion
Output: Vertical Movement and Sound
Jukebox is a Project where motion and sound come together to create an interactive facade, using hexagons. Built World shape our actions and movement but our actions also has a similar effect on our surrounding. Jukebox moves and plays music when someone gets close to it. The pattern is inspired by the waves created in nature, harmonious, smooth and calm.
Jukeboxes pattern is directly related to the pattern of the circular plates that make the core of its structure. For smoother movement these plates are connected to the hexagons by light aluminium sticks and wheels. Multiple jukeboxes can come together and create a different pattern of communication and interaction.


The facade element, jukebox, is made of circular panels that are connected to the hexagon pieces that make the outer surface. The motor is connected to the mechanism from the outside where all the other pieces are inside a transparent box to show the flowing and rotating motion of the inner mechanism. The pattern of the hexagons can vary depending on the ratio between the circular panels inside the box.

//Arduino Setup

Motion sensor is used in the arduino circuit to detect movement and start the motor. With the help of our mechanical system we can move 5 hexagons in different heights with only one motor. The motion sensor is also connected to the speakers where music plays harmoniously with the movement of the hexagons when someone gets close to the facade.


Tutors: Angel Muñoz, Cristian Rizzuti

Students: Brenda Freitas, Deniz Akyürek, Hanna Lepperød, Ka Man Lee, Swathilakshmi Rajendren

Referance Project: Red Ripples by Vincent Leroy (