The Inteliplates are a group of devices that want to break the boundaries of old and create new dining experiences. We accomplish this by defining: what is the purpose of a plate? Is it really a device simply made to carry our food from kitchen to table? Can it be more? We think it should.

We want to create a device that can project (with a screen, not a projector) images/colors that can have a direct impact on the contents on the plate and the experience of having the food. We want to break boundaries and create an interactive language of basic signals so that anyone can use this new device. Make the experience of dining, an experience in and on itself. We feel a device like this is certain to revolutionize the food industry but: how do we make a device like this work? Can it be done?

Recent developments on the mobile industry suggests that it is certainly possible to create a device that resembles a plate but can carry all the needed technology inside to make it happen.

By creating two experiences we can approach by having a device that monitors the temperature of the surface of the plate and gives you, the user, direct information about the food you’re currently eating. Say you ordered a steak with a salad. You wouldn’t worry about the salad going cold, but maybe that steak is a little too hot for your mouth right now. With the Inteliplate Aura the plate can tell you this information by projecting a range of colors from deep red (to signify really hot) to a soft blue (denoting a cool temperature). What this device needs is simply an inductive charging pad, an LED field of lights to populate the center of the plate, a temperature sensor to help pinpoint where exactly is what temperature, and an Arduino to drive all the information.

We also designed a second experience called the Inteliplate Screen. Can you imagine eating that same steak while viewing landscapes of where it all came from? Or maybe you want to see a beach while eating a tasty sushi. All the device needs is local storage, a 6-10″ radial screen in diameter, a battery, an NFC antenna, an inductive charger and an arduino to project what the establishment wants.

Inteliplates, live plates is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at MAI in 2017 by:
Students: Gustavo José Moré
Faculty: Ignacio de Juan Creix