The Institute of Sound addresses the importance of the relationship between architecture & sound and also makes an attempt to redefine the nature of the conventional ‘performance’ or ‘orchestra’.

How can sound be made tangible through architecture?

Can architecture be used to redefine the nature of the conventional music performance?

Can sound be used to harness energy?

The design incorporates a shell which can constantly shift it’s form and thereby the quality of the acoustics inside of the space. For any defined number of configurations possible, say “n”, the user will experience “n” different ways of hearing the same piece of music. The structure in essence can be likened to a puppet manipulated by the length of the strings – in this case, steel cables connected to the silicone pneumatic membrane. It also presents the base onto which different acoustic materials can be fixed to in different ways & tested. This enables learning about the fundamental behavior of sound and it’s movement through space.




Project by : Baghya Venkataramani

Tutors : Enric Ruiz Geli ,Mireia Luzarraga

Self Sufficient buildings Studio 2017