After four weeks of hard work, following what began as a blurry concept is now a full climbing structure.

The presentation and the opening ceremony of this Climbing Structure took place in Valldaura Labs, with MAEBB Director Vicente Guallart and MRAC Director Alexandre Dubor, who reviewed our work. We also had the pleasure of having Maria Marti, the Director of the Collserola Natural Park and the chief architect of the ParkPark, they all joined to visit the site, saw and tested the results of our work.
During the presentation, we were able to receive feedback and analyze all the different approaches as well as lessons learned. We were excited and surprised to learn that the same day of the inauguration of the ParkPark, it was approved by the Director of the Collserola Natural Park as a stable structure. We will continue to track the project as it ages, and how is its reception to the Park Public.

Our journey through the raw Nature project drove us closer to natural material through research, excursions, and hands-on building. Although the work load was extensive, we learned to slow down and listen to the earth around us as well as to listen to each other.