Site problems


Unfortunately, the Forest council forgot to inform us that in the site we were planning to build our playground there were some old concrete facilities. However, after digging the whole day we discovered them. This meant we had to change the location of the elements, and therefore, the entire project.

The day started by having a discussion about where it would be better to locate our construction and how we could save something of what we did the previous day. Daria and our architecture team didn’t give up until they solved the problem.

The previous concept for the playground was to occupy the available area creating a closed space with very few elements that could guide the children around the different spaces, establishing a clear visual and spatial relationship between the verticals.

Instead of being a wonderful giant playground it has been changed on a more compact object that works very well.


Field Trip

To conclude the day in the best way, we had the unique opportunity to visit the “Suma Architects Timber Library” in the city center. We had a great talk with the architect Elena Orte that explained every secret of the building.