Aim: Machining protocol – Making art with machine.

This experiment started off as an attempt to art with a machine but ended up exploring the impact of centripetal force, torque, tension and material identities. This simple experiment is inspired from a train and the ambiguities of triangulation and pivotal movement to create a dynamic canvas.

The train along a circular path to move the primary fixed triangulation, is an attempt to add another dimension to control the canvas, we added a secondary triangulation as a free axial pivot to the primary. This was further amplified by a third free triangulation. The design of the triangulation was a design alteration to account for the equilibrium of stability.

The circular track that defines the path of motion of the ink rail-trail is laser cut from 5mm thick acrylic sheets and aligned like a puzzle to form a perfect circle. Each of the triangulation was an altercation developed by carefully parametrised acute triangles to maximise canvas and dynamize outcome; outcome as we believe was nothing short of amazing!

In an attempt to map the path of the secondary and tertiary triangulation, we also used pens with different line-weight; the defined path being the lighter lign-weight and the randomness being the thicker line-weight. In the midst of all this, we did not forget to have a little fun; after all, choo-choo trains do need their steam.

A humble attempt by,

Mubashir, Evalina, Sayali and Vishesh.

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