This study is an initial analysis for the project on re-naturalization of the River Llobregat in Catalonia. It is aimed at analyzing the change in the total volume of water that flows in a year and passing the point where the volume is measured, and annual average volume of water stored in related reservoirs compared to the capacity of each. It is carried out on a regional scale, made for each main river basin whose data are available, and revealed the change between 2000-2018.

river basin, reservoir, analysis, data visualization, open data, digital tools, river renaturing, QGIS

Main Basins & Reservoirs in Catalonia

data analysis, visualization, open data sources, river, river basin, annual contribution

Change in the Total Volume of Water

Using the data provided from the department of Territory and Sustainability / Government of Catalonia, all spatial data were first filtered and merged to be visualized as different layers of the whole context. Specific locations -such as of Reservoirs- were also geolocated on QGIS to provide a spatial-understanding for the analysis to be made in the next steps.

catalonia, river, water cycle, river reservoirs, drinking water, annual average volume of water, river renaturing, data analysis, data visualization, digital tools, open data sources, using big data,

Change in the Fill Rate of Reservoirs

Following that, using the data provided from Statistical Institute of Catalonia and Catalan Water Agency, the change that took place over a period of 20 years was visualized as a line plot where in the case of fill ratio data points are scaled by reservoir capacity. Missing data points were approximated by the previous year values when available, and the next year values otherwise.

This study analyzes the past and current contributions of rivers at a regional scale, and provides a foresight based on easily accessible data for the re-naturalization project to be carried out.

Sources: Government of Catalonia Department of  Territory and Sustainability, Statistical Institute of Catalonia & Catalan Water Agency

Initial Analysis of Water Quantity Data for the Rivers in Catalonia is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City & Technology in 2020/21 by student: Sinay Coskun, and faculty: Diego Pajarito.