The presented project is more than just a housing project but also a developed method for: Earth Additive Manufacturing Processes Integrated with Infrastructure Construction.






Modular System exploration ( Crane wasp)



Design approach: The integration between the Crane Arm and the  wooden structure in the construction field “the Extruding Arm part of the structure “.






Architecture Reference

The termitary House








Construction Sections



Climatic section

Fragments module





Infrastuctures for 3d printing architecture is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Open Thesis Fabrication in 2019/2020 by :

Students…….. Nzar faiq Naqueshbandi / Mohamad Fouad Hanifa

Faculty …….. Edouard Cabay / Eugenio Bettucchi

Assistant:  Ashkan Foroughi Dehnavi